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Recent Projects

Explore our portfolio of sustainable energy solutions and environmental consulting activities.

Solar Farms

Designing and implementing large-scale solar farms for clean energy generation.

Wind Turbines

Installing and maintaining efficient wind turbines to harness renewable wind power.

Energy Trading

Trading eco-friendly electricity to promote the use of renewable energy sources.

Waste Management

Collecting and managing non-hazardous waste to ensure a cleaner environment.


Our Journey towards a Greener World

Galaxy Green Energy is an innovative electricity supplier specializing in sustainable energy solutions. We produce and trade eco-friendly power options while focusing on collecting non-hazardous waste and providing environmental consulting activities.

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Our Services

Explore our range of sustainable energy solutions and environmentally friendly services.

Renewable Energy

Harness the power of solar and wind energy to meet your electricity needs sustainably.

Electricity Trading

Engage in the trading of eco-friendly electricity to promote a greener energy transition.

Waste Collection

Partner with us to collect non-hazardous waste and contribute to a cleaner environment.

Why Choose Us

Discover why Galaxy Green Energy is the preferred choice for reliable and eco-conscious electricity solutions.

Sustainable Power

We specialize in solar, wind, and renewable energy sources, ensuring a greener future for our clients.

Waste Management

We focus on the collection of non-hazardous waste, promoting a clean and sustainable environment.

Environmental Consulting

Our expertise extends to providing environmental consulting services, empowering clients to make informed decisions.

Reliability and Commitment

We are dedicated to delivering reliable electricity solutions that align with our clients’ eco-friendly goals.

Switching to Galaxy Green Energy was the best decision I made. Not only am I saving money on my electricity bills, but I feel good about reducing my carbon footprint too.
Brittany Foxx

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